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Delays Likely For International Shipping

International shipments into Canada are backlogged due to the rotating strike and Canada Post have asked international shippers to stop bringing them mail. And this of course means international letters and parcels that are not handled by private couriers like Fedex, UPS, DHL and Purolator will be delayed.

eBay has requested an end to the rotating strike through legislation but it appears that those taking advantage of the foreign Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers will need to either wait for their parcels or use couriers.

In regards to domestic shipments, Amazon.ca, Best Buy Canada, chapters.indigo.ca , Hudson Bay, Newegg.ca, Oldnavy.ca and many other online retailers have opted to go with their own courier services and/or offer ship to store services.

Please consult your favourite retailer for shipping options.

Pre-Black Friday Specials

Pre-Black Friday discounts are up an running at Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, chapters.indigo.ca , GuitarCenter.com and Roxio.com.

Vinyl can also be purchased up to 50% off from Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.

Random Bump : Queen’s “Days of Our Lives”

Apparently people are complaining about the timeline in “Bohemian Rhapsody” so I thought i’d bump the official documentary “Queen: Days of Our Lives”.

This more in-depth, accurate film is available from Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and iTunes Canada. It is also available to stream via Prime Video USA.


Free shipping at chapters.indigo.ca

Heads Up On Specials

The 25% off $50 offer at chapters.indigo.ca stores ends tonight. But if you miss it you will notice that Amazon.ca has already begun their pre-Black Friday sales, as did American retailer MacMall.

Rotating Postal Strikes

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers have begun rotating strikes in Victoria (British Columbia), Edmonton (Alberta), Windsor (Ontario) and Halifax (Nova Scotia) until midnight, when other locations will be chosen. Please consult the union’s official site for information on the upcoming sites for this strike.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $25!

72-Hour Strike Notice Issued

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has issued a 72-Hour Strike notice. And alternative delivery methods have been made available by many online retailers like Amazon.ca, chapters.indigo.ca and Newegg.ca.

These retailers may have their own delivery services or will offer customers the choice to pick up their orders at a local retailer or Canada Post outlet. Please consult your retailer for details.

Rotating strikes are scheduled to begin Monday morning, October 22, 2018, at 00:01 if the negotiations fail.