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Greetings fellow music consumers and welcome to the buymusic.ca blog.

Here you will find various information relating to the purchase of music online and by mail, as well as sheet music, music instruments and memorabilia.

I will also be posting various commentaries and reviews in regards to these services and various related issues.

To begin either click on an option in the menu to your left, which features various source listings, or scroll down for my blog entries. And if you are aware of a Canadian music retailer or record convention or fair that I have missed, please contact me with details.

Thanks. And Enjoy.

Today Is The Day

At 3am Eastern/12pm Pacific Prime Day at Amazon.ca will begin for Amazon Prime Members in Canada. And special offers have also been made available to Canadians at chapters.indigo.ca, Primecables.ca/Living.ca and American retailers Booksamillion.com and Barnes & Noble.

Criterion Collection fans should note that Barnes & Noble is offering 50% off discounts on these classics on blu-ray, including my favourites Moonrise Kingdom, Silence of the Lambs and the Beastie Boys: Video Anthology. And CIBC Credit Card users should check their emails for an offer for Prime Day at Amazon.ca ($10 credit for a $100 purchase during the event).

By the way, an offer is also available to Amazon Prime Members for a $5 promo credit when they buy $25 Amazon.ca gift cards. Click here for details.

Sonos Wireless Music Player

Special Offer

Amazon Prime Members in Canada that shop at Canadian Whole Foods Market stores will be able to get a $10 coupon for the upcoming July 15th and 16th Prime Day event at Amazon.ca. Click here for details.

Something To Consider When You Buy

When someone shops around for a new tablet, television or phone they do some comparison shopping that mostly involves the price, features, specifications and warranty coverage. But have you considered how much you would need to pay to get some of those repairs done, in and out of warranty?

Unfortunately some companies don’t allow customers to repair their own purchases, even after the warranty has expires, resulting in either high fees or electronic waste. But Canada is slowly progressing towards a law that would enable consumers to access manuals, parts and instructions on how to to their own repairs.

Bill 72 may have been voted down in Ontario recently but it is expected to pop up in other provincial legislatures. And meanwhile the consumer can keep track of what it costs to repair their purchases, or access ifixit.com for tips and trick on fixing out of warranty products.

An Openmedia Petition destined for Federal Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains is also available, so please consider signing this petition.

Thank you.

Be Safe

I’m sure quite a lot of you will be enjoying events and concerts through-out Canada today and I thought i’d recommend a few things:

  • Stay Hydrated – Unfortunately many will consider foregoing hydration to retain a position in line or a view of the stage, especially will those long lines at the portable toilets. But dehydration isn’t something to be played with on a hot day so drink plenty of water and watch your alcohol intake.
  • Pack A Small Medical Kit – Better safe than sorry. You can find some that can be thrown in your backpack or pocket.
  • Wear Ear Plugs – They’re cheap, they protect your hearing and they do not hinder your experience.
  • Pack A Lighter Wallet – You won’t need all those cards and documents so why bring them along? All you need is a bank card, a credit card or two and cash. Leave the library cards, security cards and most of your credit cards at home. This will make your wallet thinner and easier to conceal. And you could always hide cash somewhere on your body or use the payment app on your smartphone if it’s an emergency.
  • Consult Your Latest Weather Forecast – Conditions change so it’s best to check the latest local weather forecast just before you leave and pack accordingly. You don’t want to be caught off guard without water, an umbrella, sunglasses and/or sunscreen.
  • Use Public Transit – It’s always best to either take public transit from home or a parking facility closer to the event’s site. And some are offered free, like here in the National Capital Region, so consult your local public transportation’s web site for details.
  • Locate The Nearest Pharmacies To The Event – Some major chains like Shoppers Drug Mart or Rexall will have select stores remain open, mainly in the largest cities, and you might want to know where they are, in case you need pain relievers or other things you forgot to pack. You can also save these locations on your phone, in case. And yes, some grocery store chains (like Loblaws, Metro and Whole Foods) will also have select stores open for limited hours as well.
  • Take Your Time – The traffic is always bad after the event. Everyone’s trying to leave at the same time so there’s no point in rushing it.

Have a great time ! And don’t forget to browse the Canada Day Celebration Sale offers at Newegg.ca.

Once You Know, You Newegg

In Manitoba This Weekend?

Countryfest is happening in Daufin, MB until the 30th and will be featuring quite a few big name country artists, including Toby Keith, The Nitty Gritty Band, Terri Clark, Charley Major, Jason Aldeen and dozens more.

80’s Canadian rock band Platinum Blonde will be performing on the Credit Union Corral Stage at 11:30 pm on Saturday.

Ticketmaster Settles

Ticketmaster L.L.C., TNow Entertainment Group, Inc. and Ticketmaster Canada LP has agreed to pay $4.5 million dollars to settle the Competition Bureau’s case against them for misleading prices, according to a news release that was issued today by the bureau:

“As part of a consent agreement registered with the Competition Tribunal, the companies will also establish a compliance program to ensure their advertising complies with the law and will implement new procedures to prevent advertising issues in the future.”

The Bureau had concluded that Canadian consumers were paying 20% to 60% more than the advertised price due to fees, which were mandatory. And had decided to sue Ticketmaster and several other associated companies on January 25th, 2018 (PDF).