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Service Name Price Media Selection soon soon soon
Comments : Amazon Canada will be offering downloads soon, like that of their American counterpart, Free Various Over 1 Million
Comments : This site contains free public domain music and film.
Audiogram $0.99 per track MP3/WAV Over Two Thousand
Comments : This distributor's site sells mostly french recording in high quality Mp3 and WAV but and quite a few English artists as well. To access the download portion of the site, click on "Boutique".
Audio Lunchbox US$0.99 per track MP3 500,000+
Comments : This American service offers indie recordings to Canadians, by subscription or by individual track purchase. Tracks are generally 99 cents in US funds but a subscription results in downloads for as low as 20 cents in American funds.
Beatport Misc MP3/MP4/Wav Hundreds Of Thousands
Comments : This is a download site specialising in dance music.
Beatsource Misc MP3/MP4/Wav Hundreds Of Thousands
Comments : This is a download site specialising in urban and hip hop music.
Bell Video Store n/a n/a n/a
Comments : Service discontinued on June 15th, 2009 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Comments : Search 100s of fitness exercise videos on including core, weight and cardio training, dance, yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation and more. Watch for free, purchase a monthly membership or download to own.
Bodocus Free Stream Hundreds
Comments : This film site offers hundreds of documentaries that can be viewed online for free.
service discontinued - 05/31/08
Comments : This was Future Shop's download service, on Puretracks. Account holders can still access their account on Puretracks. $0.79-1.39 per track WMA Hundreds Of Thousands
Comments : Another Puretracks site but it appears to be limited to artists and bands from the Universal Music catalogue. iCoke members can redeem points for free downloads at this site. Click here for details. Note that there may also be incompatibilities with browsers other than IE on this site n/a n/a n/a
Comments : This site is not yet in service but wants to become an advertisement funded film site. But it needs to establish a demand for such a service. Click here to sign onto the campaign on Facebook.
Coolest Ringtone on Your Cell! $10 Per Month Unknown Unknown
Comments : This company sells ringtones and music downloads to Bell and Telus cell phone users
Concert Vault US$9.98 per concert MP3 Hundreds
Comments : Classic rock fans will love this site. You can purchase full concerts in the mp3 format for US$9.98, all of which are sampled at a higher bit rate for a better sounding recording. Some concerts are also made available free, streaming from the site.
Connect $0.99 per track MP3/WMA Unknown
Comments : This is Sony Music Canada's download site. Downloads are available in different formats and special software is required to use the service. ONce downloaded, music from this service can be copied to the players sold at Sony Style Canada , where gift cards for the service can also be purchased ($15 or $50). Note that the $50 card only costs $45.
Dell Music Store $0.99 per track WMV/MP3 Hundreds Of Thousands
Comments : This is Dell's Canadian music store, which directes to, a Puretracks shop. You can purchase bundles that reduce your per song cost via this site. The current priced are 10 songs for $7.99, 20 songs for $13.99 and 30 songs for $19.99. This site is not fully compatible with the Firefox browser. n/a n/a n/a
Comments : This retailer sells ebooks of various genres.
US$0.25 per track MP3 1 Million+
Comments : This American service offers indie recordings to Canadians via subscriptions resulting in a fee of US$0.25 per download. There are three monthly subscription plans on eMusic : US$9.99/40 Downloads Per Month, US$14.99/65 Downloads Per Month, US$19.99/90 Downloads Per Month. Windows XP and Mac compatible software is provided to use this service. Read Comments WMA Thousands
Comments : A Visa promotional site featuring EMI artists, offering track downloads at low as 83 cents per track and album downloads as low as $7.50 per album download.
Graboid - Free TV and Movies unknown unknown Unknown
Comments : This is a Canadian service that allows you to view and download television programs and videos. The program is downloadable free and subscriptions are available for US$9.97 and US$29.97.
HMV Digital Canada $1.49 mp3/zip Thousands
Comments : HMV Canada is now offering music downloads like their british counterpart. Thousands of records are available in mp3 and zip, the later for album purchases, via HMV Digital. Their quality range from 192K to 320K and video downloads are also appearently available from this site.
How To Video TV Various Other Hundreds Of Films
Comments : This video service offers hundreds of how to videos.
In Music Mp3 Store $0.99+ MP3 Over 1 Million
Comments : A Puretracks Based MP3 site Various Mp3 Hundreds
Comments : Various exercise regiments on Mp3. Individual programs range from 99 cents USD to $11.99 USD. This company also offers a subscription service at $9.99 USD per month.
Apple iTunes $0.99 per track AAC/Other 2 Million +
Comments : Great selection of tracks and videos, including television episodes, films, audiobooks and educational recordings. Requires download and installation of software to use. Subscription service offered. Note that this service now offers thousands of unprotected, higher quality music selections that can be played on other players - On iTunes Plus. The service also include film download purchases and rentals. n/a Mp3 Hundreds
Comments : This is a cell phone ringtone, sound, theme and graphics service, for Canadians on the following cell phone networks : Rogers, Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility. They will be expanding to Fido soon. Unknown MP3 Unknown
Comments : Free Jazz MP3s are offered via this site.
HMV Canada soon soon soon
Comments : HMV Canada will be offering downloads soon, like that of their british counterpart, HMV London U.K
Internet TV n/a n/a n/a
Comments : This is an online television and news service that allows internet users to access multiple international broadcasts, including many with cultural and sports programming. A video on demand service for films and documentaries are also available via this service.
Librivox Free MP3/OGG Hundreds
Comments : This is a free audiobook archive. Listen to your classic literature for free.
Magnatune Free/$5 per album Stream/Mp3/Wav Thousands
Comments : This independent music site offers free streaming music, paid album downloads (in the mp3 & wav formats) and recordings that can be licenced for use on film, television, web projects, etc. Various MP3 Hundreds of Thousands
Comments : This American site offers Mp3s from thousands of artists, most of which are independent. They have a vast catalog of club remixes, along with karaoke tracks, and house/trance tracks but also have plenty of indie tracks in various genres. Individual Mp3s cost from US$1.49 to $1.99 and albums sell for $9.99 and up.
Media Zone Unknown Stream/WMV N/A
Comments : This American internet television service offers both individual program purchases and subscriptions to Canadians. International music is available on this service, as well as live sports (Rugby/Wimbelton/Motorcross/NBC Sports/Cricket) and other international television programs (Lifestyle,Bollywood).
$US4.99/album MP3 Thousands
Comments : This American company specialised in independent hip hop, R&B, reggae and latin music. To access their music downloads, click on the "downloads" button in the menu to the left at their main page.
Comments : This is an independent music site that catters to American and Canadians, who can download individual tracks, album or subscribe to a music plan. Sign up Now and Get 30 DRM-Free MP3 Songs!
Free Customer Registration Unknown MP3 Thousands
Comments : This is an indie music site that also sells sheet music. Their downloads are priced as low as 54 cents in American funds per track.
MusicMaximum $1.25 per track/$5 Per Album MP3 Thousands
Comments : An independent music download service based in PEI that represents a few hundred artists from all genres.
Musicpass $12.99/card MP3 Hundreds
Comments : This is Sony BMG's Musicpass service. Cards dedicated to an artist or specific release can be purchased for $12.99 from several retailers (Wal-Mart, FutureShop, Best Buy, Shoppers Drug Mart, and CD Plus), giving you access to 320 bit MP3s and bonus material.
$0.99-1.50 per track WMA Thousands
Comments : is now offering downloads via their website. You can access a track's terms prior to its purchase by clicking on the "terms" links located in the track information found in the listings.
Napster Canada $0.99-1.39 per track WMA/MP3 Over A Million
Comments : Napster is gone. Click here for a more recent version of this listing.
Nettwerk Download Shop US$0.99 per track MP3 Hundreds
Comments : This independent download site features most of Nettwerk's catalog, in the mp3 format. Note that the prices are in American dollars and that Zip uncompressing software is required to use the service. $0.79-1.39 per track WMA Hundreds of Thousands
Comments : A francophone service powered by Puretracks. Note that there may also be incompatibilities with browsers other than IE on this site
Public Domain Torrents Free Unknown Thousands
Comments : This site links public domain films on torrent services. Requires the installation of torrent software. $0.79-1.39 per track WMA/MP3 Hundreds of Thousands
Comments : They have a good selection and prices. But their customer service is terrible. I ran into a major problem and the only technical support I could find was via email, which caused significant delays. They do have a phone number, 416-367-4343. But I didn't find it on their main site and they appearently aren't open on weekdays after 5pm and weekends (according to the automated message I got when I called on a Saturday). So any issue could take hours to be resolved ; Like a server error on their site that kept me from downloading my first track off the service, for over eight hours ! Four of which were wasted trying to explain the problem to a customer service rep that skimmed through my emails and failed to understand the issue, after two emails. I of course ended up downloading my music from another service. Note that there may also be incompatibilities with browsers other than IE on this site.
Project Opus Various MP3 Hundreds
Comments : An independent distributor based in Vancouver that features both Canadian and international artists.
Real Networks n/a n/a n/a
Comments : Real's Rhapsody service may be unavailable to Canadians. But their Superpass service is - Watch Big Brother 24/7- Canadian Users Click Here
Revolution Music Unknown MP3 Dozens
Comments : Free Indie MP3s can be found at this site. Various genres. $0.99/Track MP3 Thousands
Comments : This is Rhino Record's Canadian web site. They offer a good selection of MP3s from quite a few artists. Read Comment Mp3 Hundreds
Comments : This site sells funny film commentaries that you download and listen to while watching films.
Get Rock Band T-Shirts & Merchandise from Various N/A N/A
Comments : This rock memorabilia retailer has music videos and a radio station
Rogers Music Store Various WMA Hundreds of Thousands
Comments : This service is primarily directed towards Rogers' mobile customers but there are plans for the general public, including a subscription to unlimited downloads at $10 a month and access to individual downloads at $1.25 - Rogers mobile customers have access to two plans, including one that offers unlimited PC downloads per month and 50 cent mobile downloads for $15 and another plan for unlimited downloads via PC and Mobile for $20. A special media player is required to access downloads on your PC.
Various MP3/WAV Thousands
Comments : This southern US based company sells royalty free music and sound effects. They also have free music and sound effects.
Atom Entertainment (formerly AtomShockwave) n/a n/a n/a
Comments : This is a game and software download service. There are a good amount of free demos on this site.
Shop Music/Much Music $0.79-1.39 per track WMA Hundreds Of Thousands
Comments : This is Much Music's Puretracks Shop. Note that there may also be incompatibilities with browsers other than IE on this site
Songo/Puretracks n/a WMA Thousands
Comments : This is a promotional site for Empire Theaters. You can get three free downloads with the purchase of most combos.
Stage FM Free/Paid Stream Hundreds Of Thousands
Comments : Formerly, this indie music site offers music for free via their browser compatible media player but some recordings are also downloadable for a small fee.
Spiralfrog Free Stream/WMA Over 1 Million
Comments : This advertisement sponsored music and video site offers major artist and indie recordings in a windows media protected format. The download and installation of software is required to use this service, which is not Mac or Linux compatible.
Sympatico/Puretracks $0.79-1.39 per track WMA N/A
Comments : The sympatico Music Service "Powered by Puretracks". Note that there may also be incompatibilities with browsers other than IE on this site.
Telus/Puretracks $0.99-1.39 per track WMA N/A
Comments : A Puretracks affiliation that results in savings for Telus members that use their Telus address to sign up ; They currently off $10 worth of downloads but this offer may expire soon. Note that there may also be incompatibilities with browsers other than IE on this site.
Classical Sheet Music to download instantly Free Mp3/Midi Hundreds
Comments : This virtual sheet music vendor sells classical sheet music and offers free classical music mp3s. Unknown Stream Pay Per View
Comments : This Official World Wrestling Entertainment Store may offer the occassional Pay Per View event. To be confirmed. Free Mp3 Thousands
Comments : This is an advertisement sponsored beta site that offers free music downloads, from both indie and well known acts.
Wikipedia Free Ogg Hundreds
Comments : This site offers free classical music downloads in the OGG file format.
Yahoo Music Unlimited - - -
Comments : Service Discontinued $0.99-1.39 per track WMA N/A
Comments : Good prices & selection ; residents from the provinces West of Quebec are exempt from provincial taxes. Best francophone selection. Service bilingue. Just click on the Archambaultzik logo at Archambault's main site
Zinio - Be Well Read n/a n/a n/a
Comments : Virtual Magazine Service
Zune Unknown Unknown Unknown
Comments : This American music download service appears to have been closed - Just as the Zune has made it's way onto Canadian shelves. :-/ Zune players can now be purchased from Amazon Canada. $8.88/album MP3/WAV Hundreds
Comments : This indie distributor offers their albums and EPs in the unprotected mp3 format and occassionally in the wav format, compressed in individual zip files. EPs are $4.44 while wav format albums generally cost $10.88.

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