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Greetings. My name is Rob McIntyre and I am a 40+ year old webmaster, Youtuber and music fan that lives in Ottawa, Canada.

I first became interested in the vegetarian and vegan diets in the late 90's when I sought to control my psoriasis through my diet, having been introduced to the diet through an older family friend that recently passed away of cancer.

I am a proponent of media literacy, fact checking and logic. And this is why I thought i'd create this site. To explain my beliefs in regards to the subject matter at hand, using multiple cited sources including Pubmed, The Jama Network, the New England Journal of Medicine, Taylor & Francis Online and other internationally renown scientific databases and publications.

You will also find links to definitions of certain terms from numerous dictionaries and guides to logic on this site, so hopefully you will pretty much understand my responses. And no, this site is not sponsored or funded by any meat or dairy industry lobby group or representative, nor am I or my immediate relatives employed in either fields.

As you can see by the content of this site, I am aware of the multiple positions held by people on this subject matter, including those by the animal rights community.

Thank you.


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