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Comparison to Murder in Religion

Some vegans and vegetarians invoke the will of a higher power by using the term "Karma" and some also attempt to imply that God wishes his followers to refrain from consuming meat, occasionally using the term "Karma" in their arguments.

It is obvious that religions that subscribe to this Asian philosophy condemn the consumption of meat. But Judaeo-Christian religions do not, as stipulated in Genesis 9:1-3 and Romans 14:1-4.

"Karma" is also a foreign concept to those following the dietary laws of the Kashrut and Qur'an so this comparison is not universally accepted in religion.

Is A Plant Based Diet Free of Animal Death?

Livestock may be killed in the production of meat but animals are also routinely subjected to pest control measures through-out world.

In North America, a wide range of animals are killed to protect crops and stored produce/grains from consumption and contamination. And these include deer, rabbits/hares, geese, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, mice and rats.

In regards to the aforementioned contamination, many of these animals propagate pathogens that are harmful to us and other animals though their feces and urine. And some also carry ticks and lice that also spread disease so farmers use cats, dogs, rodenticides, fatal traps and guns as pest control.

Farm equipment and cargo distribution vehicles are also dependant on diesel, a product whose use and production poisons and kills animals.

Suffice to say, plant based diets cannot be labeled as kill free because of the above mentioned facts and even the raw ingredients found in vegan fertilizers are grown at farms that use of pest control and diesel.

If everyone would be able to grow their own backyard gardens, they would. But people are busy and some people live in apartments and condos. Those people will need large produce and grain farms.

Alleged Reductions

A person that kills fewer animals than another is still a killer so if one claims animal killing is tantamount to murder, he or she is therefore a murderer as well, regardless of the self congratulatory predictions some use to justify their prejudicial accusations.

Although corn and soy are the major ingredients in animal feed in the United States, some countries like Canada prefer to use cheaper forage so there will not be a reduction in farms in that country in response to an alleged spread of vegetarianism and veganism.

Many forage farms are limited to specific crops by numerous factors like soil composition, soil ph level, access to water and exposure to the sun. And corn and soy farmers will not likely convert their farms either because of the demands of biodiesel.

Proponents of meat free diets also fail to account for our consumption of select parts of these plants.

For example, we only consume the best looking kernels from corn and merely divert the substandard kernels and remainder of these plants to animal feed. And this occurs with quite a large portion of the byproducts of our consumption.

Livestock consume imperfect fruits and vegetables, day old or expired baking goods, leftovers from the wine and beer makers, and other products that would likely just end up in landfills.

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