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Greetings fellow music consumers and welcome to the buymusic.ca blog.

Here you will find various information relating to the purchase of music online and by mail, as well as sheet music, music instruments and memorabilia.

I will also be posting various commentaries and reviews in regards to these services and various related issues.

To begin either click on an option in the menu to your left, which features various source listings, or scroll down for my blog entries. And if you are aware of a Canadian music retailer or record convention or fair that I have missed, please contact me with details.

Thanks. And Enjoy.

FYI:Rexall Gift Card Offer

You can get a $50 Rexall gift card if you buy $250 worth of American Eagle, Apple, Athleta, Banana Republic, Doordash, Gap, Hudson Bay, The Keg, Pizza Pizza, Rakuten Kobo and Uber gift cards at participating Rexall pharmacies until Sunday, November 28th, 2021.

You might want to stock up your gift cards here.

Rakuten Kobo Canada

Black Friday @ Record Stores

Multiple chain and independent record stores through-out Canada are holding Black Friday specials and providing discounts on merchandise that had been released on Record Store Day, so you should probably consider taking a look at what is being offered at these local stores.

I’m going to be browsing some today here in Ottawa, mostly to look for the Special Record Store Day version of Platinum Blonde’s Standing In The Dark LP and other goodies I had passed on previously. And the usual measures are still in place so i’m going to pack a mask and some hand sanitizer, which I recommend you do as well.

By the way, the Black Friday offers are now up at 123ink.ca, Amazon.ca, Alibris (coupons icon), Microsoft Canada, Prime Cables, PureVPN, Rakuten Kobo, Sennheiser Canada, Sharper Image, and Wondershare Technology. And you might want to check out deals at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.fr, some of the retailers I use for imports.

Audiobook/eBook Gift Card Offer

Just thought i’d mention that PC Optimum members can get 10,000 bonus points when purchasing $50 gift cards for Rakuten Kobo at participating Shoppers Drug Mark stores until November 26th, 2021. And you can also take advantage of the following Black Friday offers on the service:

By the way, Microsoft Canada iconis also offering quite a few up for their Black Friday sale, including select X-Box game titles and some gaming accessories. You might want to check them out.

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

Tech Tech Tech

Like Best Buy and The Source, Amazon Canada and Newegg offering up lots of tech items for their early Black Friday sales, whilst accessories are being discounted at Prime Cable.

Unfortunately, the flooding in British Columbia will cause significant delays with some shipments originating from the west coast, as will the current backlog in worldwide shipping, so you should consider buying early. But it appears that Black Friday shopping on the east coast is acceptable, so most imports from American retailers like Amazon.com and Sharper Image should be fine.

By the way, if you’re looking for Apple gift cards, you should note that a PC Optimum offer is available at select, participating Real Canadian Superstores until November 24th, 2021; You can get 5000 bonus points per $50 Gift Card purchase, up to a limit of 10 gift cards.

Sennheiser (Canada) Inc.

Paramount Minus

So, I got a three month preview of Paramount+ from McDonald’s and thought i’d be able to watch the new seasons of Star Trek : Pickard and Star Trek : Discovery, and the extended versions of the Naked Gun films. But due to rights issues none of the above mentioned Paramount and CBS distributed content is available to Canadians.

Apparently all we get are crumbs though that $5.99/month service, mainly CBS television programs and less than three dozen films. And now my choices are CTV Sci-Fi for $7/month for the Star Trek series, or $19/month for Crave because the $9.99/month rate is for mobile devices.

I could try broadcasting Crave from my tablet but i’m presuming that the contents will be 720p or 1800p, so i’m probably going with CTV Sci Fi to get these programs at a higher resolution. But I think Paramount+ overestimated the demand for their current services in Canada.

Yes, there is a new version of Behind The Music and a Madonna concert on there. But unless you’re a big police drama and Rugrats fan you won’t find much to watch on that streaming service.

I bet I could watch everything I could possibly be interested in within a month so they’re going to need to make significantly more content available to keep me as a subscriber. After all, I already get most of the films they offer on Netflix and Prime Video. And I get the latter free with Amazon Prime

I’ll update you if I see any improvements but it looks like I won’t be keeping Paramount+ beyond mid January.

Best VPN Service (English Banners)

Disney Day Offer Ends Tonight

New and eligible Disney+ subscribers have until 11:59pm Pacific today to subscribe to Disney+ for $1.99 for one month, $11.99/month afterwards.

I’m not being paid to promote this offer but I thought some of you might want to have it over the holiday season, for it’s content, which would include another Home Alone sequel, that I enjoyed last night.

Home Sweet Home Alone isn’t as epic as the first two films but it’s cute and features Archie Yates, the adorable scene stealer from Jojo Rabbit, which is also available on the service. And i’d say this Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell scripted comedy is comparable to Home Alone 3, which took quite an undeserved lashing on Rotten Tomatoes.

Yes, the fourth Home Alone film was boring and deserved to be a television release, but I liked Home Alone 3 as much as this new film, which doesn’t appear have a faired better with some purists on Rotten Tomatoes either.

It’ll appeal to kids and might be worth the $1.99 for parents. But I guess it’s “same old – same old” for some, which is fine. There is other content to watch on Disney+, although they haven’t yet added most the classic cartoons from the 40s and 50s I expected them to add by now, some of which I had purchased on DVD when the Walt Disney Treasures boxed sets were in print.

There are plenty of other classic films on the service to make a subscription worthwhile though, not like that awful Paramount+. I’ll get to that later.